Interface GraphicGeometry

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All Known Subinterfaces:
AxisBound3Boundable, AxisLayoutGraphic, BoundableGraphic, IntersectableGraphic, IntersectionNode, TransformableGraphic
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractIntersectionNode, AxisAngle3, AxisBound3, Bound3, Line3, Plane3, Point3, SwingShape, SwingSpaceNode, Tuple3, Vector3

public interface GraphicGeometry
extends Graphic

A graphic with geometry defined relative to a local reference space, as specified by a space node (see SpaceNode). If no space node is specified (null) the local reference space is absolute space.

The relationship between this object and its space node is intended only for specifying the local coordinate space of this object. It does not neccessarily imply ownership or control of this object by the space node, or vice versa. Also, depending on the nature of a spatial transformation, transformations may or may not choose to update the space node reference. For example, a content transformation implies a change in geometry without a change in reference space, whereas a space transformation implies a change in absolute geometry and reference space.

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Method Summary
 SpaceNode getGraphicLocalSpace()
          Returns the space node representing the local reference space for this geometry.
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Method Detail


public SpaceNode getGraphicLocalSpace()
Returns the space node representing the local reference space for this geometry.

Reference to the space. If null, absolute space.