Interface SpaceNode

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All Known Subinterfaces:
AxisLayoutGraphic, GraphicSpaceRoot, MatrixTransformNode, RigidTransformNode, RotationNode, ScaleNode, TransformNode, TranslationNode
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractGraphicSpaceRoot, AbstractSpaceNode, SwingShape, SwingSpaceNode

public interface SpaceNode
extends Graphic

A graphic object that supports a general purpose spatial geometry tree (scenegraph). A space node has a "local space", which is the geometric reference space for its contents, and "contents", which consists of intrinsic geometry and extrinsic child nodes. A node's contents and related geometric graphic capabilities, such as bounding and intersection, are defined relative its local space (see GraphicGeometry).

A spatial tree exists within an "absolute" or "global" reference space, which is typically associated with a standard interaction space (see GraphicSpace). Within the spatial tree each node has its own "local" reference space defined relative to that of its parent and ultimately the absolute tree space. Transform nodes are space nodes capable of changing or transforming the local reference space (see TransformNode).

A spatial tree can be used as a traditional scenegraph, containing a hierarchical specification of model geometry. It can also be used for operations related to but distinct from the model geometry, such as lighting, behaviors, influence, visibility, intersection, collision, and picking.

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Method Summary
 TreeNode getGraphicSpaceTree()
          Gets the delegate tree node for this delegator's spatial geometry tree.
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Method Detail


public TreeNode getGraphicSpaceTree()
Gets the delegate tree node for this delegator's spatial geometry tree.

Reference to the delegate. Never null.