Interface BoundableGraphic

All Superinterfaces:
Graphic, GraphicGeometry
All Known Subinterfaces:
AxisBound3Boundable, AxisLayoutGraphic
All Known Implementing Classes:
AxisBound3, Bound3, SwingShape, SwingSpaceNode

public interface BoundableGraphic
extends GraphicGeometry

An abstract graphic geometry that allows determination of spatial extent. Concrete subtypes define specific types of bounds supported by this object. Typically, a bound is used as a simplified geometric proxy enveloping a more complex geometric shape; however, a bound can also be used as the actual geometry for a graphic shape. In either case, union and intersection operations are commonly supported.

A bound can describe the contents of the space, or it can define the allowable extent of a space. Unless otherwise noted, if this object is a SpaceNode the bound describes its contents, and if it is a GraphicSpace the bound describes its allowable extent.

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