Interface Interactor

All Known Subinterfaces:
ControllableGraphic, InteractableGraphic, SelectableGraphic, SelectableShape
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractInteractor, InteractorGroup, SwingDataProxy, SwingShape

public interface Interactor

An interface for the role of interactor (interaction actor), with the interaction state publicly delegated to an InteractorState. If associated with graphic entities, an interactor's state determines its interactive control behavior (e.g. slide, rotate, edit, delete) and feedback presentation (visual, aural, tactile, etc.).

Determination of individual and group interaction state is beyond the scope of an interactor. Instead, such responsibility is left to interaction managers, which accept interactive inputs (mouse, keyboard, etc.) and model updates (aspect models, etc.), and generate an appropriate interaction state for the target interactors.

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Method Summary
 InteractorState getInteractorState()
          Gets the interactor state value for this interactor.

Method Detail


public InteractorState getInteractorState()
Gets the interactor state value for this interactor.

Reference to the interactor state. Never null.