Interface TranslationNode

All Superinterfaces:
Graphic, SpaceNode, TransformNode
All Known Subinterfaces:
AxisLayoutGraphic, RigidTransformNode
All Known Implementing Classes:
SwingShape, SwingSpaceNode

public interface TranslationNode
extends TransformNode

A transform node that specifically supports geometric translation. As a point the translation defines the position of the transformed space origin in the untransformed space. Equivalently, as a vector the translation specifies the absolute offset of the transformed space relative to the untransformed space.

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Method Summary
 Point3 getGraphicTranslation(Point3 retVal)
          Gets the geometric translation of this transform node.
 void setGraphicTranslation(Point3 trans)
          Sets the geometric translation of this transform node.
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getGraphicTransform, isSpaceTransforming
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Method Detail


public void setGraphicTranslation(Point3 trans)
Sets the geometric translation of this transform node. If the node is spatially constrained, some or all of the transformation may be ignored.

trans - Value of the transformation. Never null.


public Point3 getGraphicTranslation(Point3 retVal)
Gets the geometric translation of this transform node. If the graphic is spatially constrained, it will be reflected in the return value.

retVal - Return value object. The translation. Never null.
Reference to retVal. Never null.