Class NotifyNode

All Implemented Interfaces:
Disposable, EventNodeMarker
Direct Known Subclasses:
NotifyNode.EventIn, NotifyNode.EventInOut, NotifyNode.EventOut

public class NotifyNode
extends EventDataNode

An event data node that transfers no data (event is for notification only). As such, this node can receive an event from any other data node.

$Revision: 1.2 $
Jon Barrilleaux ( of JMB and Associates Inc.

Nested Class Summary
static class NotifyNode.EventIn
static class NotifyNode.EventInOut
static class NotifyNode.EventOut
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void checkSender(EventDataNode sender)
          Called by the system (subclasses) to check a sender before connecting it to this node.
protected  java.lang.String getDataValue()
          Get this node's data value as a string.
 boolean set()
          Equivalent to receiving an event.
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Constructor Detail


public NotifyNode()
Method Detail


public final boolean set()
Equivalent to receiving an event. Processes the event and, if enabled, relays the event to receivers.


protected java.lang.String getDataValue()
Description copied from class: EventDataNode
Get this node's data value as a string. Used by the system to contruct a debug message.

Specified by:
getDataValue in class EventDataNode
The data value. Empty if no value (NotifyNode). Never null.


protected void checkSender(EventDataNode sender)
Description copied from class: EventDataNode
Called by the system (subclasses) to check a sender before connecting it to this node. Implementers should throw an exception if the sender is invalid, and can assume that the sender is non-null.

Specified by:
checkSender in class EventDataNode