Interface PickMapper

All Known Subinterfaces:
SelectManager, SelectMapper
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractPickMapper, AbstractSelectManager, AbstractSelectMapper, AspectManager, ConsistencyManager, IdManager, SelectFacade

public interface PickMapper

Base interface for a mapper that converts an input interactor pick into an output interactor pick. The mapping can be simple, using a single map, or complex, using a chain of mappers whose order determines the picking precedence (does a pick select an element, the element's container, or the root container of the element).

$Revision: 1.3 $
Jon Barrilleaux ( of JMB and Associates Inc.

Method Summary
 InteractorField.EventIn getPickIn()
          The input pick interactor.
 InteractorField.EventOut getPickOut()
          The ouput pick interactor corresponding to the input pick.

Method Detail


public InteractorField.EventIn getPickIn()
The input pick interactor. Can be null (an invalid pick) or NO_PICK_TARGET (a valid pick but no hit).


public InteractorField.EventOut getPickOut()
The ouput pick interactor corresponding to the input pick. Depending on the mapping constraints, may be NO_PICK_TARGET or null.