Package gumbo.graphic.content

Interface Summary
ControllableGraphic A graphic capability allowing this graphic entity to be the target of external control (manually by the user, or programmatically by the system).
GraphicShape A graphic object representing visible, and ultimately displayable, content in a graphic space (world, view, display).
InteractableGraphic A graphic that supports interaction feedback, such as mouse over and selection audio/visual effects.
KinkableGraphic A linking graphic with none or more ordered kink points, which are distinct from its end points.
LabelGraphic An interface for common label data independent of the implementing graphic.
LinkableGraphic A graphic capability allowing a graphic entity to be (or appear to be) linked by another graphic entity, such as a linking graphic (see LinkingGraphic).
LinkingGraphic A graphic capability allowing a graphic entity to link other graphic entities together through none or more ordered end points.
SelectableGraphic An interactable graphic that specfically supports selection as a target for some operation.
SelectableShape A graphic shape that is also selectable.

Class Summary
AbstractLabelGraphic An non-native graphic implementation of LabelGraphic, with state being maintained by this object, not some native graphic.