Interface GraphicView

All Superinterfaces:
Disposable, Graphic, GraphicPresence, GraphicResource
All Known Implementing Classes:
NullGraphicView, SwingDataProxy, SwingDataShape, SwingGraphView, SwingListView, SwingTreeView

public interface GraphicView
extends GraphicPresence

A graphic serving as a proxy for a concrete implementation of an abstract data view. The relation between a data view and its graphic view is one-to-one. Implements GraphicPresence since a graphic view serves as the graphic realization of the corresponding data model. Graphic views are responsible for implementing any additional capabilities needed for layout management and dynamic presentation updates resulting from model changes.

Dynamic model event listener interfaces allow the graphic to update its presentation according to dynamic model state changes (e.g. client data changed, aspect relation added). Graphic views implementing such interfaces should call the corresponding event listener "sync" methods during contruction.

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Method Summary
 DataView getDataView()
          Gets the data view implemented by this graphic view.
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prepareGraphicPresence, realizeGraphicPresence
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dispose, isDisposed

Method Detail


public DataView getDataView()
Gets the data view implemented by this graphic view.

Reference to the data view. Never null.