Class SelectAdapter


public class SelectAdapter
extends java.lang.Object

An adapter for selection group feedback. Converts discrete control events into a target interactor state, which involves a single selection group (such as that from a selection mapper).

$Revision: 1.3 $
Jon Barrilleaux ( of JMB and Associates Inc.

Constructor Summary
SelectAdapter(InteractorGroup group)
          Creates an instance.
Method Summary
 InteractorGroup getSelectGroup()
          Returns this adapter's select interactor group.
 CollectionField.EventIn getTypeIn()
          The new selection type, specified as state flags (Object).
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Constructor Detail


public SelectAdapter(InteractorGroup group)
Creates an instance.

group - The target selection group. Never null.
Method Detail


public InteractorGroup getSelectGroup()
Returns this adapter's select interactor group. Never null. Clients can directly modify its membership (typically using auto sync/desync), but not its state.


public CollectionField.EventIn getTypeIn()
The new selection type, specified as state flags (Object). Possibly empty but never null. Replaces any old type using a "masked change" (only new and old type flags are affected). Group member state policies must be compatible with the selection type. Typically, select flags are type SelectFlag (such as InteractorFlags.SELECT_COMMAND). Defaults to no flags.