Class GlobalGraphicFactory


public class GlobalGraphicFactory
extends java.lang.Object

Provides a common point of access for the graphic factory used by the client and system. The intent is for the client to provide a global factory that takes advantage of the native graphic system. To assure consistency during runtime the factory can only be initialized once. As a convenience, if the factory has not been initialized upon first access it will be initialized with DefaultGraphicFactory. TODO: Is this really needed? Perhaps native classes should just use compatible native resources instead of getting them through the factory.

$Revision: 1.1 $
Jon Barrilleaux ( of JMB and Associates Inc.

Method Summary
static gumbo.graphic.GraphicFactory getGraphicFactory()
static void initGraphicFactory(gumbo.graphic.GraphicFactory factory)
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Method Detail


public static void initGraphicFactory(gumbo.graphic.GraphicFactory factory)


public static gumbo.graphic.GraphicFactory getGraphicFactory()